Choosing the color of the fabric

There is, of course, an infinite number of colors to choose from when it comes to chapel fabric and also several different suppliers of the same. We have chosen to collaborate with those we think have the best quality in their products, Swela Ocean and Recasens. You are welcome to contact us if you would like more specifications on each fabric.

Colors from Recasens Recsystem

Recsystem White

Recsystem Pearl

Recsystem Carbon Silver

Recsystem Cadet Grey

Recsystem Raw

Recsystem Beige

Recsystem Moon Rock

Recsystem Dark Grey

Recsystem Black’nGrey

Recsystem Black

Recsystem Admiral Blue

Recsystem Blue

Recsystem Navy Blue

Recsystem Captain Navy

Recsystem Forest Green

Recsystem Burgundy

Recsystem Red

Colors from Swela Ocean

Oceans Navy Blue

Oceans Captains Blue

Oceans Black Navy

Oceans Black Marine

Oceans Marine Blue

Oceans Black

Oceans Black Oyster

Oceans Black Silver

Oceans Mouse Gray

Oceans Silver Grey

Oceans Black Toast

Oceans Toast

Oceans Oyster

Oceans Off White

Oceans Taupe